Thursday, 2 February 2012

Make Up of the Moment

Today I thought I would show you what make up I wear day to day.  I'm always trying new products and brands so these are literally the ones I'm using at the moment.  The foundation I've been wearing is Estee Lauder Double Wear, because 1) I've seen a lot of good reviews about it and 2) I had a 'lovetoshop' voucher from xmas to spend which made it easier to buy than actually pay the £26 or something with my own money!  It has the best coverage by far than any other products I've used, and I never thought it would beat Mabelline Dream Satin Liquid, but it does.  You don't need much of it at all which means it lasts longer and you therefore should get your money's worth.  I bought it because I always look for full coverage foundations because I'm so pale that any blackheads, spots or uneven skin tone are really noticeable, and this foundation completely covers all of these up so well that I hardly need to use any concealer (I use Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer)  This especially is true for around my eyes, because I get very dark circles that are always needing concealer, but I don't use it anymore because Double Wear covers them perfectly!  I would definitely recommend this product but only if you need full coverage, because otherwise it is quite expensive.  I use Maxfactor Creme Puff just to seal my make up and keep any shine away.  It is really light and lasts for ages because again you don't need much of it at all.  I use Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes pallette because there are three neutral colours in it that can be worn in all kinds of ways that are perfect for evening or daytime looks.  It also comes with handy little brushes to apply it all, and I also sometimes use the darkest brown in there to colour in my eyebrows - it is great because it makes them look much thicker, and then any touch ups are done with the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil.  Also, for daytime make up I use the darkest shade under my lashes instead of eye liner as it can be blended to give a subtle and more natural colour.  Rimmel Flash Eyeliner is what I use on my top lash line, because you use it like a pen and this makes it very easy to do a smooth, straight line.  The staying power is really good too.  Then there is the Benefit Coralista blusher, which is a peachy coral colour and is great for my pale skin because it gives it a rosy glow without being too bold or fake-looking.  Finally, there is the MaxFactor Masterpiece Max mascara, which I only started using very recently.  It does lengthen my lashes quite a lot, but I definitely prefer their False Lash Effect mascara - in fact I've never found one that is better than this yet, it makes my lashes really thick without the spidery effect and also really lengthens them, so I will be going back to it in future.  
Hope you enjoyed my longest post yet!! xx 



  1. I definitely need to get a Benefit palette soon!

    love your blog! following :)

  2. I really like the dress of your previous post:)

  3. big beautiful eyes palette is such a staple. great blog hun. xx milli


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