Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Outdoor OOTD | Dark Descends on the Promised Land

 Jacket: H&M (old)
Top: Topshop
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Hey!  Another post, I must be on a roll this week!  This post is basically me trying to combine a rare outdoor OOTD with an awkward dip into the ‘lifestyle’ blogging hemisphere.  I have wanted to try and venture into the more general lifestyle side of things for a while now, but after blogging about my make up for so long I have been a bit unsure and thought that maybe it would really not be my kind of thing.  So this is a bit of a side step:  The outfit is there, but the context is different in that this photo was in fact taken on a trip to the zoo! 
Yep, my boyfriend and I had one last day off together so we made a spur of the moment decision to visit Whipsnade Zoo, which we are lucky enough to be not too far away from.  We are both complete animal lovers and it was a really fun day out.  The weather was pretty average if a little windy (see photo), but that is always the way when you are in the countryside (again, see photo).  Unfortunately there are no animals near me in this photo, although that may well be a good thing a that may have tipped the photo over the edge and into the ‘enthusiastic tourist’ category.  The outfit is nothing to shout about really, I have had this quilted jacket for a couple of years and it is perfect for this type of weather, where it’s not particularly cold but it’s definitely not as warm as we would like it to be.  I’m wearing it with my trusty disco pants, which I love to dress up or down.  Also making it’s debut is my neon bag from Topshop, I am obsessed with this right now!  It is a really convenient size and just gives my very average outfit a nice bit of oompf. 
I have just realised that since there is no sign of any wildlife in the photo, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was actually taken in any random field and that I am lying about the zoo.  I assure you that I’m not, and I shall you with a photo of a gorgeous little otter I fell in love with that was holding a pebble! xx


  1. Aww how cute are these photos?! I'm really loving these types of posts lately! Xxx

  2. Lovely outfit! It's been over a year since we got pandas at Edinburgh Zoo and I still haven't been! x

  3. awh i wish i lived closer to the zoo :((


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