Tuesday, 22 January 2013

OOTD: I’ll Wait Up in the Dark

I’ll Wait Up in the Dark-‘Release’, Pearl Jam
Top:River Island
Disco Pants:American Apparel
Gilet: Topshop (sale)
Hey everyone :)  Not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s snowed a bit lately (of course you’ve heard, people talk of nothing else when it snows in the uk!).  So much of my time has been spent making precarious journeys to and from work, my boyfriend’s and various other places.  Being a village bumbkin means you sometimes have more trouble than most getting around, because you get pretty much cut off from the rest of society!  And in my village that’s more of a horror film scenario than quaint let’s-all-gather-together-round-the-fireplace-and-share-stories. 
Anyway, the outfit is pretty simple and the last of my Christmas money was spent on this gilet from Topshop.  I had wanted this since I saw it back in the autumn, but managed to refrain from buying it (this hardly EVER happens, I’m dreadful at being careful with my money unfortunately).  So I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw this in the sale rail, and it was the last one too, so that’s a definite sign that it was destined for me right?  You will probably see these disco pants pop up a lot in future outfit posts, as I will be getting my money’s worth of wear out of them considering the cost!  But I’m really pleased with them, they go with absolutely anything, they hold my legs in which is a definite plus, and they just look like you’ve made an effort with your outfit even if you really haven’t!  I get slight creases at the knees in these, but this just seems to be something that happens to me :(, because no one else that I’ve seen in them have had any creases at all.  I get this with any leggings I buy, even if I try a size down or buy petite, I just don’t seem to have knees that leggings can stay smooth on!
I’m working on making this blog a lot more structured, so that there are certain days for make up reviews etc, so hopefully in a little while it won’t be the random mish mash it is now!
Sarah x


  1. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous! The leggins thing happens with me too - it's so annoying! xxx

  2. Well done on your destiny bargain gilet!! I love it when things like that happen, and you just know that you were meant to buy it.

    I get knee creases too, don't know how other people manage not to!



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