Friday, 18 May 2012

OOTD: The Bad Touch

Fur Gilet:Republic
Leggings: H&M

Heyyy.  So after uploading the top photo I have decided I need to go on some kind of diet, a decision which makes me feel like crying with misery at the thought of having to give up everything I love!  Annoyingly the weight I want to lose is on my thighs, which is notorious for being the hardest place to shed weight from :(  Nevermind, it's about time I started exercising again (the thought of having to start motivating myself to ACTUALLY start again is laughable) , I better look for my trusty wii fit. The diet will probably begin on Monday, when I've had a chance to eat all of the chocolate and pizza that I've filed the kitchen with (it's payday), and I can go stock up on fruit, vegetables and all other kinds of other infuriatingly boring things.  
ANYWAY back to the outfit, I reaaaaally love the gilet just because it's really warm and it it part of my beloved faux fur collection, as it's not an actual jacket I think this makes it acceptable to wear in spring....I think! xx



  1. The leggings are really nice :) x

  2. Gillet looks good babe, FYI you do NOT need to go on a diet judging by these pics ;)



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