Tuesday, 24 April 2012

OOTD, FOTD, NOTD: Don't Call My Name


This casual dress from H&M is one that I found in the back of my wardrobe from aaages ago!  I heard once that horizontal stripes make you look wider, but what the hell I like this dress so I'm keeping it hahah.  I did my nails using a white nail tip polish by Rimmel, and I did the dots with a Models Own nail art pen.  I kept to standard french mani colours because they look ok to me and also will go unnoticed at work!  I had one of those days yesterday where I had been paid at the weekend so I thought I would go shopping.  But I returned with pretty much NOTHING! (apart from a nice bag from Primark which will have a debut in my next outfit post).  This wouldn't usually upset me too much but I just KNOW that when I have no money left I will see 623345943 nice things that I wish I could buy but will no longer be able to afford!  Also, I did a FOTD just to show the eyeliner that I currently use, which is Rimmel Flash Eyeliner.  You use it like a pen, which makes it the easiest eyeliner I've used by far, the only downside is probably that it doesn't last as long as some gel ones I've used.  Have a great day xx



  1. Aw always the way with shopping! I got a load of birthday money but nothing is really catching my eye, I'll find the perfect dress or something once I've wasted it all on magazines haha. I love your nails and that dress looks gorgeous on you, really suits you! xxx

  2. you are so pretty!! i love it all.

  3. Love your eye makeup in these photos, you look so pretty :) xx

  4. Omg, you so pretty! I know this sounds awkward but i like your eye color, like really it's so unique and i envy you already. :*

    Keep shining, we can follow each other though, :)
    i'd love it if you check out my blog. http://theweeklytrends.blogspot.com/ xoxo.

  5. Love the dress! I don't think you look wider ;) loving your make up :)


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